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USS Washington Personnel File: 5/50

Name: Noya Zarr
Serial Number: 889-3788-N
Rank: Crewman
Position: Commanding Officer's Yeoman
Race: Andorian
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Andorii
Age: 25
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 140 lbs.
Hair: Bleach White
Eyes: Blue
Skin: Light Blue
Marital Status: Single


2363-2379: Primary & Secondary Education
2380-2381: Starfleet Academy
-Certificate in Management

Service Record:

2380: Starfleet Academy: 1st Year Cadet
2381: Starfleet Academy: 2nd Year Cadet
2382: USS Sarek - CO's Yeoman - Crewman Recruit
2383: USS Sarek - CO's Yeoman - Crewman Apprentice
2384: USS Washington - CO's Yeoman - Crewman




2330-Present: Shran Zarr - Father
2330-Present: Karai Suzaa - Mother

Physical Description:

Noya is a lovely light blue in color, a far more radiant shade then most Andorians. She is in good shape, good looking, and she knows it. She almost looks a little old for her age so she tries to dress down a bit by wearing various articles of Andorian jewelry. She usually wears her hair down has been known to wear it up or in a french bun.

Personality Profile:

Noya is a hard working individual who is a no-nonsense serious type A personality. She demands a lot of respect and can often come off as rude and uninviting. She is a warrior at heart and knows the importance of discipline and mental readiness. She is a far more intelligent and resourceful woman then she lets on and knows how to get what she wants. She is often described as a 'bitch' by her crewmates, but those who know her personally know that this description is unfair.


Fighting, Ordering, Working, Andorian Battle Novels, Andorian Ale, Working Out, Painting, Jewelry, Fashion.

Personal History:

Born on 2359, on the frozen moon that is the home to all Andorians. Noya started out the way most Andorian children did by going to school and learning how to fight. She was a rough kid and had little patience for foreigners growing up. She joined Starfleet in 2380 with the hope that one day she would become a Chief Petty Officer and serve as a senior officer aboard a star ship. So far she has gotten off to a slow start mostly because her Commanding Officer's use her skills as an efficient and disciplined officer to their personal advantage by making her the CO's Yeoman. Though she has been promoted quickly, she has not advanced the way she would have preferred.

USS Washington is a part of the Horizon Fleet Sim Group