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Name: Brian Wells
Serial Number: 882-2712-Z
Rank: Petty Officer 3rd class
Position: Pilot 1
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Louisianan
Age: 25
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 172 lbs.
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Skin: Dark Brown
Build: Tall and Muscular
Marital Status: Single


23642370: Home schooled
23702375: Boarding school
23752376: Private Flight school
-Private shuttle pilot license 23802381: Star Fleet Academy 2 years
-Certificate Helm and Navigation

Service Record:

2377-2379: Lunar colony transportation - shuttle pilot - Civilian
2380: Star Fleet Academy First year cadet
2381: Star Fleet Academy Second year cadet
23822383: Star Fleet Command Shuttle Pilot -Crewman Recruit
2383: Utopia Fleet Yards Worker bee pilot Rewman Apprentice
2384: Utopia Fleet Yards Worker bee pilot Crewman
2384: USS Washington Pilot Petty officer third class


2337 - Present: Timothy Wells- Father
2340 - Present: Leticia Wells - Mother
2358 - Present: Ben Wells - Brother



Physical Description:

Brian looks rather noble with a pleasantly sculpted face and chin. The first thing most people notice is his height as he is taller then most people. His build is rather significant, boasting a toned figure that is more pleasing to the ladies then just shear bulk. He often lets his facial hair grow out for a scrubby look that can be attractive, but he never lets it grow to the length of a beard.

Personality Profile:

Quick witted, and polite. He is a sensational cook when it comes to Cajun cooking, and loves to share his recopies.

Hobbies & Interests:

Cooking, weight lifting, Jazz music.

Personal History:

Born in New Orleans in 2359. Has one older brother who loves to pick on him, but was one of his only friends. His mother home schooled them both through primary education. Learned early on how to cook from his father, a barbeque restaurant owner. Early on he aspired to fly, and it was all he would talk about for some time. He went to a boarding school after getting mixed up with some older misfits.

After finishing his studies he enrolled in a private pilot school to pursue his dreams. He earned a license and began to work for Lunar Colony Transportation shuttling civilians to and from earth, the moon, and mars. After three years and twice-selected employee of the month, Brian applied at the academy feeling that open space was calling him. His family agreed it would be a good move, but after failing the entrance exam he enrolled in the enlisted program at Star Fleet Academy. He spent two years learning the ins and outs of navigation systems and helm controls. His first assignment, to his distaste, was personnel transport duty at Star Fleet Command. There he did exactly what he did for Lunar Colony Transportation. He put in two years with out complaint, but requested transfer. He was given a chance with the USS Washington, and was stationed at Utopia yards until construction completion.

USS Washington is a part of the Horizon Fleet Sim Group