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USS Washington Personnel File: 27/50

Name: Charlie Edmund Stuart
Serial Number:
Rank: Crewman
Position: Tactical Officer 2
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 63
Ethnicity: Scottish
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 187 Lbs.
Hair: Grey
Eyes: Light Brown
Skin: White
Build: Below Average
Marital Status: Widow


2326-2335: Primary Education
2336-2349: Walsingham Secondary
2350-2356: King's College
-B.A. in Education
-M.A. in Education
2372-2373: Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth

Service Record:

2355-2370:English Literature Teacher - Walsingham Secondary
2371: Retired/Unemployed
2372:Starfleet Academy: 1st Year Cadet
2373:Starfleet Academy: 2nd Year Cadet
2374-2378: USS Berlin - Tactical - Crewman Recruit
2378-2379: USS Berlin - Tactical - Crewman Apprentice
2380-2384: USS Varden Hurk - Tactical - Crewman
2384-Pres: USS Washington - Tactical - Crewman




2297-2378: Ronald Stuart - Father
2294-Present: Abigail Martin Stuart - Mother
2319-2370: Maggie Elizabeth Stuart - Wife
2350-Present: Jonathan Stuart - Son
2352-Present: Virginia Reiss Stuart - Daughter
2352-Present: Irene Claudia Stuart - Daughter
2354-Present: Nelson Horatio Stuart - Son
2357-Present: Charlie Edmund Stuart Jr. - Son

Physical Description:

Old and wrinkled, Charlie is a man well beyond the best years of his life. He is the elder statesman aboard the Washington and he looks it and acts the part. He has pale white skin, still has a full head fof grey hair, and for the most part is exactly the way you'd expect an elderly gentleman to be: elderly.

Personality Profile:

An overly theatrical man, very shakespearian in how he speaks and acts. He is a nice man, but is not very fond of young people, from whom he demands a great amount of respect. He is the elder statesman aboard and like to be treated as though that distinction meant he were more important. He is helpful, but does not go out of his way to do things. He follows orders, takes no risk, and is aboard to get a little more action into his life.


Shakespeare, Theatre, Opera, Music, Literature, Poems, Art, Bolwing, Criquet, Scotch.

Personal History:

Born in 2321, Charlie has lived a long an successful life thus far. He went to King's College for 6 years and became a High School Literature teacher for 16 years. He was very involved with the school's drama clubs and was an active proponent of teaching Shakespeare. He married Maggie Elizabeth in 2347 and had 5 children with her: Jonathan, Virginia, Irene, Nelson, and Charlie Jr. Their marraige lasted for 24 years until Maggie died of heart failure in 2370. He quit his job as an educator and took a year off to soul search.

In 2372 he enrolled in Starfleet Academy and graduated as an enlisted officer the following year. he was interested in getting some thrills into his life after 50 years of no thrills what so ever. He served aboard the Starships Berlin and Varden Hurk and was promoted to his current rank of crewman. He is now serving aboard the USS Washington as the 2nd Tactical Officer and elder statesman of the vessel.

USS Washington is a part of the Horizon Fleet Sim Group