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USS Washington Personnel File: 1/50

Name: Robert James Millwood
Serial Number: 982-7724-J
Rank: Commodore
Position: Commanding Officer
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: English/Floridian
Age: 38
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 209 lbs.
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Blue
Skin: Light Brown
Build: Muscular
Marital Status: Single
Total Posts: 71


2351-2358: Vorth Elementary – 8 Years
2359-2361: Carver Middle School - 3 Years
2361-2364: Garrett High School – 4 Years – 3.75 GPA
2364-2365: Marine Basic Training - 6 Months
2368-2371: Starfleet Academy – 4 Years – 5th in class, graduated with Honors
-Degree in Criminology
-Degree in Advanced Tactical Training
-Certificare in History

Service Record:

2364: Federation Marine Corps: Private/Private 1st Class
2364-2365: Federation Marine Corps: Lance Corporal
2365: Federation Marine Corps: USS Anaconda - Corporal
2365-2366: Federation Marine Corps: USS Anaconda - Sergeant
2368: Starfleet Academy: 1st Year Cadet
2369: Starfleet Academy: 2nd Year Cadet
2370: Academy Training Vessel: USS Franco – 3rd Year Cadet
2371: Academy Training Vessel: USS Franco/USS Vico - 4th Year Cadet
2372-2373: USS Van Buren – Brig Officer – Ensign
2374: USS Van Buren – Asst. Security Chief - Ensign
2374-2376: USS Van Buren – Security/Tactical Chief – Lieutenant (JG)
2376: IKC Re’Cha – Chief Tactical/Exchange Officer – Lieutenant
2377: USS Volga – Chief Tactical/Security/2XO – Lieutenant Commander
2378: USS Peacemaker – XO – Lieutenant Commander
2379: USS Peacemaker – XO - Commander
2380-2383: USS Peacemaker – XO - Captain
2383: Unassigned - N/A - Demoted to Lt. Commander
2383-2384: U.S.S. Cassini – CO – Lt. Commander
2384: U.S.S. Washington – CO - Lt.Commander
2384: U.S.S. Washington - CO - Commander
2384: U.S.S. Washington - CO - Captain
2384: U.S.S. Washington - CO - Commodore


2378: 'The Travis Hytte Memorial' Award - U.S.S. Peacemaker (Bravofleet)
2378: 'The Dan Remeck' Tactical Award - U.S.S. Peacemaker (Bravofleet)
2379: 'Career Service Citation' Award - U.S.S. Peacemaker (Bravofleet)
2383: 'Dedication Citation' Award - U.S.S. Peacemaker (Bravofleet)
2384: '3 Month Service' Cross - U.S.S. Washington
2384: 'Non-Player Character Development' Award - USS Washington
2384: '6 Month Service' Cross - U.S.S. Washington
2384: '1 Year Service' Cross - U.S.S. Washington
2384: 'Departmental Commendation: Command' - U.S.S. Washington


2290-Present - Toby Millwood – Grandfather
2315-Present - Edward Millwood – Father
2312-Present - Diane Millwood – Mother
2343-2362 - Josh Millwood – Brother
2340-Present - Rachel Millwood – Sister
2341-Present - Judon Sogh, Son of Kratak – Blood Brother

Physical Description:

At six feet, three inches tall, Robert is quite an imposing man. He is extremely fit with well defined biceps, abs, thighs, etc and possesses a full six pack. His blue eyes anchor a face that is covered with experience. Usually he possesses a light beard but seeing him clean shaven is also a common occurrence. This, combined with the general shape of his face gives him a sort of gritty look. His hair is often combed back and is often styled with a light gel that gives his hair a free flowing look.

Being an Englishman one would usually expect him to be pale, however, thanks to living his entire life in Florida he has developed a mild brown tan. He has no noticeable physical ailments and is in perfect health. Millwood usually wears black when he is off duty but otherwise prefers the standard Starfleet uniform because he thinks it looks professional and requires all crew members to wear it while on duty.

Personality Profile:

Robert used to be a cheerful individual who was very engaging with friends and other people. However, due to several events that have occurred in his life, the most recent of which being his demotion to Lt. Commander, Millwood has become a far more pessimistic individual. He is much quieter and personal now then he used to be and at present he is not the most pleasant person to be around. He has an extremely short temper and is known to have quite a mean streak once his patience runs out. He shows glimpses of his old self at times but the second he goes to work his entire personality changes radically.

He is the very definition of the consummate professional. He believes in order and honor above all other things. He has a strong sense of right and wrong and holds very strictly to his own personal code of ethics. He like rules, tries sticking to standard procedures, and tries to follow the Prime Directive to the letter even when it goes against his better judgment. He believes that his role is to give orders and for others to follow them and see that they are carried out to the letter. He hates delays. He is very strict and demands discipline and self restraint out of his fellow crewmembers. Millwood's rigid command style often gives off the vibe that he is unhappy but nothing could be further from the truth. He lives for his job and takes it very seriously.

When off duty, Robert does calm down a bit. He's not exactly inviting, but he is receptive to conversing with others as long as they are off duty as well. He enjoys small parties and get togethers opposed to larger gatherings. He's not a loner but usually tends to keep to himself in these situations. He never looks for the spotlight but instead lets it come to him. From time to time he is prone to bouts of depression, these usually only occur when things are not going his way or when he reminisces about some of the darker moments of his life. In three words Robert is: Straightforward, Professional, and Combustible.


Football, Baseball, Martial Arts, Wrestling, Painting, Piano, Singing, Botany, Politics, Criminology, Advanced Tactical Training, Women, Discus Throw, Running, Fine Wines: Porto, Madeira; Physical Education, Teaching, Klingons, 20th Century Jazz & Blues, History, Computers & Disruptor Rifles.

Personal History:

Robert James Millwood was born in Naples, Florida on March 2nd 2346 and is the son of Edward and Diane Millwood. As a young child Robert was big for his age, strong and big boned, he towered over his classmates and quickly gained a reputation as a bully among his classmates. His size would also prove beneficial in the future, but at the time Robert was often picked on for his size. Robert was a very bright child with a vast imagination. He often dreamed of what he would do with his life and originally decided to go into the arts. He started out as an artist and learned how to play the piano and sing.

In 2348 Robert's brother, Josh Austin Millwood was born. Josh was born weak because of a disease he was diagnosed with as a child and was crippled with it for the rest of his life. At an early age he went under the wing of his older, stronger brother for protection. The two boys got along very well but that harmony would soon be disrupted by another addition to the Millwood family. The lone daughter of the clan, Rachel Marie, was born a year later in 2349. She was born healthy and would prove to be quite an annoying addition to the family. She was a constant talker and usually tagged along with Robert and Josh wherever they went.

In 2350, the Millwood family finally made Jacksonville Florida their home after several brief stays in Homestead, Boca Raton and Manalapan. These frequent moves proved difficult for Robert and his siblings, but they were able to quickly adjust to their new surroundings because of their strong bond with each other. In 2351 Robert became the first child of the Millwood clan to attend grade school. His first several years were rather tough on him because of his large size and as a result he was left alone and isolated. He dealt with this by playing into their preconceptions of him and became a bully.

His elementary years were rather tumultuous and he did very badly in school. He got into a great deal of fights but thankfully his siblings did not follow his example. His bad behavior continued throughout Middle school until one day he was expelled in a fight. His parents had had enough and so they decided to relocate the troubled boy once he reached High school. Within a year he found himself in Rachel Garrett High School, and slowly his behavior began to improve along with his academic performance. He joined the football team as a defensive end, became the leader of the school's Martial Arts team, joined the Wrestling and Environmental Clubs, and became Vice President of the Student Government. In 2364, with his life turned around, Robert graduated with a 3.84 GPA and was one of the most honored members of his class.

After his graduation from High School, Robert had a major decision to make. He had become a good athlete and was considering staying in his home town and becoming a Physical Education teacher or football coach. His entire family had other plans for him, they all thought that he was capable of doing so much more and urged him into joining either the Marine Corps or the Federation. After 3 months of deciding, Robert decided to join the marine corps. In 2358, he left his family and started out his new life.

In 2364, Robert stayed on earth and began his combat training. He was very good with a disruptor and very good with hand to hand combat. The thing he lacked was technique. Before long with the help of his instructors Robert became one of the premiere recruits in his training class. He graduated from boot camp within 4 months and became a marine. After starting out as a private, he was hastily promoted to Private 1st Class because of his superior physical abilities. He was honored to be promoted so quickly and kept working on building his muscles and stamina.

By 2365, Robert had achieved the rank of Lance Corporal. He was now beginning his space training. He was a master of Zero G Combat training and was slowly gaining respect among the officers. He was able to quickly build up his muscles thanks to a great deal of time spent on athletic training and soon became one of the most fit marines in the fleet. He continued to pursue his love of athletics by participating as an athlete in the Marine Games. He won 2 events: Discus throwing and 25 meter Dash.

By the end of 2365, Robert had proven his worth as a marine and was ready to join the marine detachment onboard the USS Anaconda, A marine ship, under the Command of Major Xiam Zogoto. Robert was promoted to corporal upon his arrival and was quickly accepted by his new comrades. The Anaconda saw no battle in its first year and was usually used to quell civil disturbances along the planets bordering the Romulan Neutral Zone.

2366 proved to be an eventful year for Robert; he was promoted to Sergeant and became a squad leader. His brother, Josh, had graduated high school back on earth while Robert had his first taste of Battle. A Gorn squadron of three ships had entered Federation space and were unwilling to leave. They had taken over a federation colony on Sirus B 7 and had taken hostages. The USS Anaconda was called in with a task force to get rid of the Gorn. Robert and his squad, along with other marine detachments won back the colony while the Anaconda and the rest of the Task Force took care of the Gorn Ships. A few days after this battle, in which Robert probably would have received a promotion, he received tragic news: Josh had died in a fire at the Millwood's home. Robert, devastated, returned home.

Robert was unable to handle the grief he felt and so he decided to resign his marine corps commission. For the next 2 years he would remain with his parents at their home and Jacksonville and get a teaching job as a Physical Education teacher at Garrett High School. His parents were in dire need of his help, not to mention counseling, to make it through this horrible time. The Millwood's were an extremely close knit group and no force could separate them. Robert, in the meantime, figured it was time for himself to settle down and start a family. During spring break of 2367, he met a human woman on Rosa named Claudia Williams. She was a Federation cadet, only slightly younger then himself, and was ravishingly beautiful. The quickly began dating and love rapidly ensued until the two decided to get engaged in early 2368. Six months into the engagement things started to fall apart because of career differences and the engagement was called off. Claudia, transferred onto the USS Illustrious and Robert never heard from or saw her again. It was a horribly uncomfortable separation and this period proved to be one of the saddest times of Robert's young life.

Later in 2368, he and his parents had recovered enough from Josh's death that it was now time to move on. His parents urged their remaining son to join Starfleet because they knew that Josh would not have wanted everyone to change the way they lived because of his death. After a few months of contemplation, Robert agreed, and before long he had arrived at Starfleet academy in San Francisco. His first year proved difficult, his deceased brother still lingered in his mind and this troubled him with his work. He barely managed to make it through the first year, but he was a strong man, an Ex-Marine, so he could handle it. His infamous temper also returned during these academy years, however, his behavior for the most part remained the same By his second year, things had greatly improved. He breezed through most of his courses; though they were simple because they were only the introductory ones. He had chosen his Majors: Criminology and Advanced Tactical Training and soon he was in the field.

The USS Franco was an Old Miranda class ship, it was the perfect training vessel as Robert found out in the spring of 2370. He took shifts being the Chief Tactical and security officers. He also learned most of the starship's functions, his favorite of which was using the Helm. He learned every nook-and-cranny of the ship and was soon considered the leading cadet for his department. He considers his experience onboard the Franco to be among the most enjoyable of his life.

The next year, Robert and some a other cadets were transferred to an actual servicing starship. The USS Biko, it was an Oberth Class ship which was used for transporting Cargo. It was small enough that each cadet was able to command their position of choice while a few seasoned officers guided the cadets on this 8-month mission. The Biko did not fight in any battles but did transport supplies to numerous starships and worlds, giving Robert his first real taste of what the Alpha Quadrant was like.

At the end of 2371, Robert graduated from Starfleet Academy. He was ranked 5th in his class and was given the rank of Ensign and assigned to the USS Van Buren, a New Orleans Class ship, as a Brig Officer. His parents were extremely proud and honored, as was his sister, who was inspired and excelled in Starfleet academy as a result. By this time, he had regained most of the confidence he had lost from his failed engagement and was motivated by the chance to make his brother proud.

Between 2372-2373, Robert remained the brig officer onboard the Van Buren. He was very unhappy with his position after the first year and asked his superiors to find him another line of work which he was more capable of doing. He attributed his unhappiness as brig officer to his marine experience, after all, the Federation was at war with the Dominion and he figured his services were best utilized elsewhere onboard. The Captain decided to make him Assistant Chief of Security, a necessary move, because the prior one had been killed in the line of duty. Also during this time his sister, Rachel, had graduated from Starfleet academy. A year later he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant (JG) and was made the Chief Security/Tactical officer of the Van Buren. With the promotion came added responsibility, for now he was a member of the senior staff and he knew that from now on it was possible to advance up the chain of command without any significant roadblocks to impede his progress. During this time, he was recommended for a very special mission.

In 2376 Starfleet approached him about being a federation exchange officer onboard a Klingon ship. If he accepted he would be given the rank of Lieutenant and would become that ship's Chief Tactical Officer. Robert accepted, though a tad reluctantly, and was transferred to the I.K.C. Re'cha under the command of Migoron ech'. The ship was a B'rel class bird of prey, its mission was to patrol Klingon space and defend the Empire. Obviously, Klingon ships were quite different then Federation ships, and so the young Lieutenant was forced to earn the respect of his new Klingon compatriots. To this end, he defeated the former Tactical officer in battle and therefore won his honor and respect, as well as the position of Chief Tactical officer.

Robert's time onboard the Re'Cha proved to be action packed. He had destroyed several dozen ships, mostly Nausican Pirates or Chalnan Body hunters, and the occasional Breen warship that passed through Klingon space. While on the Re'Cha, Robert became friends with the chief medical officer. His name was Judon, son of Kratak. The two men formed a deep bond and could be seen together drinking blood wine every night in the Re'cha's mess hall. When Robert's time on the Re'Cha was up, Judon asked him to join his house. Robert accepted, and as a result the two became blood brothers. For so many reasons Robert was overjoyed to have a brother again, even if it was a Klingon one. Consequently, Robert was now known throughout the Klingon Empire as Robert son of Edward, Brother of Judon.

In 2377, Robert was reassigned to the Miranda class vessel USS Volga. The Volga was a convoy escort ship. Also on the Volga was his sister Rachel, she was now an acting ensign and was the acting helm officer. Robert was promoted to Lieutenant Commander after a year on the Volga. He was also given the privilege of being the 2XO. Robert greatly enjoyed the time he was able to spend with his sister, however, he knew his assignment on the Volga would be temporary.

Later in 2378, Robert was contacted by a Rear Admiral Pike of the USS Peacemaker. Admiral Pike offered him the position of Executive officer onboard his ship. Robert, noticing that this would probably be his main opportunity for advancement, accepted and served in this capacity for 4 years.

During his time on the Peacemaker, Robert was promoted to full Commander for his service to Starfleet and his ship during the Cardassian Incident on 2378. The provisional government on Cardassia was briefly overturned by extremists who had taken hostages and the crew was forced to engage them. Robert had also helped save his crewmates from death in a holo-deck outing gone wrong, in addition to successfully rescuing Commander Jaelen Pike and Ens. Stromgren from the Sukley planet after they were taken hostage there.

Robert's tour of duty with the ship continued to be hectic. During one mission, the Peacemaker had received a distress call from an old sleeper ship and was ordered to investigate. Robert was given command of the Peacemaker (his first command) when Admiral Chirstopher Pike was deemed unfit for duty because he had been cloned. During another mission, he earned his 'Dan Remeck' award for his tactical abilities. He created what has been called the "Millwood Option."

The 'Millwood Option' occurred in December of 2378 in a battle against a battle ship from another galaxy that had sneaked into the Alpha Quadrant. The 'Option' occurred as follows: The Peacemaker and the enemy vessel were in a death match, both had lost their shields, but the Peacemaker's weapon's systems had become disabled. Scrambling for ideas, Robert ran down to the shuttle bay, started up a runabout, and remotely controlled it from the Peacemaker. He sent the runabout after the enemy vessel and when it was in position he sent the runabout into warp. The two vessels collided, the runabout incinerated instantly, and the enemy vessel, with a hole through its core, exploded shortly thereafter, saving the Peacemaker from almost certain destruction.

In another mission, the USS Bokai mutinied and the Peacemaker was sent to investigate. Captain Pierre of the Bokai was adrift on a shuttlecraft and was retrieved by the Peacemaker. It turns out that a massive alien 'sun-sphere' influenced the Bokai and that the two had destroyed each other. On another mission, The Peacemaker was sent to investigate a series of events on Galen III, but Admiral Pike, Commander Pike, T'linda and Doctor Parish all hijacked a shuttlecraft and headed for Talosian space… banned by the federation under General Order 4 of the Prime directive. Robert took command of the Peacemaker and brought back the Admiral. Commander Pike remained on the planet and the Peacemaker was sent to Star base 585 for the Admiral's court martial trial. Admiral Pike was cleared of all charges after it was discovered that he was under the influence of the Talosians.

Robert was promoted to the rank of Captain shortly after the trial and the Peacemaker was sent to the Avalon array to repair the station. While at the station Robert took a runabout with some of the crew for a conference on Vulcan, but on the way they received a distress call from Peacemaker. They returned to the array to find a large debris field, the Peacemaker gone, and the array in pieces.

All information on the Disappearance of the USS Peacemaker is Classified

Robert was sent before a Federation tribunal regarding the disappearance of the USS Peacemaker. Though Millwood was not found guilty on any counts he was punished for other reasons that shall remain classified. His rank was reduced to Lt. Commander and he was put in charge of a cadet training ship, the USS Cassini. It was an outdated and overused Oberth class vessel which had been salvaged from the wreckage of the battle of Cardassia. He remained in command of the Cassini for over a year and was forced to perform the tedious task of training cadets on the basics of Starfleet command procedures. Yet, being a loyal Starfleet officer, Robert performed his duty without a word of dissent. However, his temper had returned and Robert's personality had changed for the worse. The disappearance of the Peacemaker and his treatment by Starfleet had taken its toll on him. He was a far darker man now then he ever was before.

All information on the Disappearance of the USS Peacemaker is Classified

Certain 'events' took place in 2384 and Robert was given new orders. He sent to command the Defiant class escort vessel USS Washington and officially joined the Horizon fleet after a lengthy tour of duty serving in the Bravo fleet. Though it was hardly compensation, for the most part Robert believes that Starfleet has righted the wrongs it had committed against him.

USS Washington is a part of the Horizon Fleet Sim Group