USS Washington Personnel File: 41/50

Name: Douglas McCauley
Serial Number: 281-1827-E
Rank: Crewman Apprentice
Position: Engineering Officer 7
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Bostonian
Age: 23
Height: 6' 3"
Weight: 170 lbs.
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Blue
Skin: Pale white
Build: Tall and skinny
Marital Status: Single


2379-2381: Starfleet Academy - 2 Years
-Certificate in Warp propulsion and Systems engineering

Service Record:

2383: San Francisco Yards – Engineer – Crewman recruit
2384: Utopia Yards – Engineer – Crewman Apprentice
2384: USS Washington – Engineer – Crewman Apprentice




2338–Present: Johnny McCauley - Uncle
2340-Present: Kelly McCauley – Father
2336-Present: Grace McCauley – Mother
2373-Present: Bobby McCauley – Brother

Physical Description:

Douglas has deep blue eyes that seem to hide something to the average viewer. To the female, a passion or perhaps a vision for something bold and great. To the male viewer, his eyes hold something dark and mysterious. Douglas would deny both of these, but perhaps if one looked truly at his eyes they might see a reflection, a part of oneself that is most prophetically a vision of true human nature. As you see, his journey is much like that of humanities… a fluctuation between the brilliant, the bizarre, the bold, the beautiful and also its failures.

Personality Profile:

Douglas would stand at the edge of it all for a whim only to find himself at the middle; he would seek to find the unknown only to realize he hasn't found a thing unlike himself; he would risk his life to obtain the truth of life, but find only his own endeavors. Because of this he is not only beautiful in successes, but also so in his failures. He is, so truly… human. A part, a vision, something great, something common…

Douglas is enjoys the sports of Basketball and basketball. If there were still an organized professional team he wouldn't miss a show. He grew up on the court and field in his hometown of Boston. He also likes water-sports and enjoys composing electronic symphonies.

Personal History:

At the age of six, Douglas and his parents moved to Boston. His father, an engineer himself, played a key role in his education and intellectual development. He would always create puzzles for Douglas to work out. Allowing him to learn to think on his feet. Douglas didn't care much for the puzzles, but tried his best to please his father. When he became frustrated with a puzzle that was too hard he would spend his days playing baseball outback in an old city park where his uncle tended to the fields.

As he grew older the puzzles continued to grow in difficulty. He began to work with an old music synthesizer his uncle had stored away in his grounds keeping shed. Despite his father's insistence that music could be synthesized with greater perfection, Doug continued to work with the "fake" sounds. It became more then a hobby, when he was challenged with modifying the old device to create more unique sounds. His father supplied the parts, and he went to work. He must have modified the device a dozen times throughout the next few years.

In the following years, his interest in engineering was became more established when his father and uncle together helped him land an apprentice job at the city as a systems engineer's mate. He learned the ins and outs of just about every system managed by the city. Now already 16, he was eager to join any organization that would take him off world. He began to study for the Star Fleet officers entrance exam. He failed the first two times, but managed to pass the two- year enlisted study program entrance exam.

After two years of training he was placed as a crewman recruit in the field of engineering at San Francisco Yards. He spent most of his time installing systems equipment, which put most of the Boston city equipment to shame. After a year he was promoted to Crewman apprentice and moved to Utopia Yards on Mars. He was glad to finally be off world, even if it was only a planet away. He served his duties well earning him the yard engineer's merit and a recommendation for service aboard the Washington. Finally getting his chance to visit new worlds and so boldly go where no one has gone before.

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